Encode wavpack files to ogg vorbis

wv2ogg is a script that uses wvunpack, oggenc and vorbiscomment to encode wavpack files to ogg vorbis files. The quality setting which will be used for encoding the vorbis files can be set when running wv2ogg. It will also transfer all tags and replaygain information from the wavpack files to the ogg vorbis files by default. wv2ogg was written because no other software existed for that purpose in Linux.

The default quality setting for vorbis files is -q 3. The resulting ogg vorbis files are always placed in the current directory.

You will need to have vorbis-tools and wavpack installed to use wv2ogg.

Usage examples

wv2ogg *.wv
will encode all wavpack files in the current directory to ogg vorbis files transfering al tags and replaygain information. Ogg vorbis files will be encoded with -q 3 (the default setting).
wv2ogg -q 5 a.wv /home/george/b.wv
will encode file a.wv in the current directory and file b.wv in /home/george to a.ogg and b.ogg which will be placed in the current directory. The two .ogg files will be encoded with -q 5.
wv2ogg -q 4.5 -r /home/george/a.wv
will encode file /home/george/a.wv into an a.ogg file in the current directory with -q 4.5 (you can use up to 2 decimal points), will tranfer all tags, but it will not transfer any replaygain information.

You can run 'wv2ogg -h' to see all command line options.


The latest version of wv2ogg is 0.2.

Or visit the sourceforge project page


George Vlahavas (vlahavas~at~gmail~dot~com)


Get wv2ogg at SourceForge.net.
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